Safe Opening - Meilink Safe

Harold Fink, Locksmith, CRL CPS
Sun, Jan 31, 2010

Safe Opening - Meilink Safe

Cam Punching Method

Essential skills that an experienced safe technician should have:

  1. Knowing how to dial open a lock when manipulation is possible and is likely to be the most efficient method of entry.
  2. Knowing how to properly diagnose a malfunctioning lock.
  3. Knowing how to pull dials and when to pull dials on locks that allow pulling of the dial without damage to the lock.
  4. Knowing how to drill for drop in of the fence.
  5. Knowing how to drill the fence off.
  6. Knowing how to transfer wheel gates.
  7. Knowing how to drill carbide-included hard plate or through previously drilled safes with an effective repair in place.
  8. Knowing how to and when to cam punch a Meilink fire safe.

Most safe service technicians can do most of the items listed above. In my own experience, the three skills I am less likely to see in less experienced safe techs are knowing when to manipulate, knowing how to transfer the wheel gates and knowing when to punch the cam.
Although I am referring in this article to Meilink safes, they were actually produced by Center Manufacturing and were sold to Meilink, Sears, and others. Click here for locksmith login, locksmith resources sectionof this site for measurements to punch cam and read the remainder of this article. is free to contributing locksmiths. Login and begin to contribute, or pay $29 per year for unlimited access to valuable locksmith resources, including years of locksmith and safe tech knowledge, including safe opening.