Weiser Powerbolt

Harold Fink, Locksmith, CRL CPS
Tue, Jan 12, 2010

Weiser Powerbolt Electronic Lock

The Weiser Lock Powerbolt is an electronic deadbolt which offers both keyed, and keyless entry. The unit will fit the same size hole as a standard cylindrical lock requiring a 2- 3 /8 or 2- ¾ backset for the bolt. The deadbolt is adjustable for either a 2-¾ backset.The bolt is easily adjusted by holding the front of the bolt and turning the back of the bolt. The deadbolt also has a roll pin in the middle to prevent sawing the bolt in two. It is also available in a drive in bolt.

The Powerbolt lock can have two different combinations programmed into its memory. It can have one combination for you to use everyday, and a secondary combination to give to someone like a repair man to allow allow access to your home. The secondary combination can be changed at any time, and is very simple to do. We will be covering this feature later in the article.

The main components of this lock is a single cylinder deadbolt, a key touch pad mounted on the outside, a strike plate, a thumb-turn, and a circuit board mounted on the inside. It also requieres a four AA batteries to operate. THis bolt is very easy to install, especially if you are using an existing hole with 2-1/8 inch bore.

Weiser Powerbolt Lock Installation

With the 2-1/8” crossbore holes drilled, install the deadbolt. Once the deadbolt is installed, place the touch pad on the outside of the door. Place the power strip through the door over the top of the latch. NOTE: Do not remove the backing from the touch pad. It should stay on the touch pad.

With the key removed, place the deadbolt against the touch pad with the tail piece in the vertical position inserted through the hub of the latch. Attach the deadbolt with two large bolts through the mounting plate. The power strip should extend out.

Align the touch pad up with the small holes from the template and attach with the two 1 inch oval head screws. Do not over-tighten these screws. Next, remove the access cover from the power board. Hold and twist or pull up on the cover. It should come of easily.

Feed the power strip through the large square hole of the power board and then plug it into the six prongs on the power board. Position the power board with the three small holes drilled from the template. Make sure the vertical tail piece engages the T-turn and latch the power board with the three chrome-colored screws.

Install four AA Alkaline batteries. Battery position are shown on the battery case. A series of quick beeps will sound when the batteries make complete contact.

Retract the deadbolt with the T-turn. Press the lock button on the pad. If the motor runs but the latch does not extend, you may have a left hand mounted door. All locks are preset for right hand doors. For left handed doors, unplug the connection from the motor and turn it over 180 degrees and plug it back on the two prongs connector.

NOTE: When manually locking or unlocking the deadbolt by tturning the key or the T-turn, the motion will be firm. The resistance is normal. With the lock properly mounted, make sure the key works in the deadbolt.

Weiser Powerbolt Lock Programming

Now that the lock is installed, we will cover programming instructions. Programming the Powerbolt is very simple. First, push the program button on the power board once. Enter the desired four to eight digit code by pressing the numbers on the outer touch pad. Press the lock button on the touch pad to set the code. You will hear a two second long beep when your cde is accepted. If the unit does not beep, too much time has elapsed between pressing the program button and entering the code. Repeat the programming sequence. Enter your number to verify that it retracts the latch.

To enter a second code, push the program button twice, then repeat the steps in programming the first code. With the code entered, chech the bolt several times using each code to make sure they both work.

Next, snap the cover back onto the power board. If the scratch resistant protecteds film has been applied to the inner trim plates (or strike plates) this should be removed.

Weiser Powerbolt Lock Operation and Important Information

Push the lock button on the outside of the touch pad to extend the latch bolt one inch which locks the door when you leave. Enter your desired personal code to retract the latch bolt completely which unlocks the door when you return home. The thumb turn on the inside of the door is used to extend the lock or retract the lock when you are inside. Using the key from the outside, it will also extend or retract the lock bolt.

Under normal used, it is recommended to replace the batteries once  a year. When the batteries are getting low, the motor will run slower and will take longer to retract the bolt. If the bolt does not fully retract, or extend, entering the security code again will fully retract the bolt, or pushing the lock button again will fully extend the bolt. Batteries should changed immediately!

For proper operation, the deadbolt latch should enter the strike freely with no restrictions. In mis-aligned door situations, make necessary adjustment to the deadbolt strike location and / or hole on the door jamb to allow the deadbolt latch to retract and extend freely. This alignment is very important.

Reprogramming the security code should not be necessary after changing the batteries. If required, the key can be used to retract the deadbolt. For added security, an authorized code warning is included. A warning tone will sound for fifteen seconds if an incorrect security code is entered three times consecutively. If this should occur, the touch pad will not operate for the period of one minute.

If the interior rim is exposed to extreme cold temperatures, the batteries will not operate the unit. This is normal behavior of all batteries and not the malfunction of the lock.

I suggest that you memorize your security codes. Also not using your address or house number, phone number, or any birth date. These are easily acquired facts.

Weiser Powerbolt Lock Troubleshooting Tips

If Electronics Are Not Working, Check The Following:

          Are The batteries good?

          Is the Power Strip plugged in properly?

          Are the batteries installed correctly and making full contact?

You should hear a series of quick beeps when the batteries are installed correctly and making full contact.

Handing of the Door

The handing of the door is very important. If the bolt does not extend when the lock button is pressed, check the handing of the door. To change the handing, refer to the instructions previously given.

Weiser Powerbolt Lock Preset Factory Codes

This lock will maintain two different codes. Two random codeas are preset by the factory for testing. It is recommended that two new security codes be entered to cancel out the preset codes.

Weiser Powerbolt Lock Problems With Setting Security Code

You will hear a two second beep when the codes are accepted. If the unit does not beep, too much time has elapsed betwwen pressing the button and entering the code. Repeat this steps faster. You have approximately three seconds after pressing the program button to enter the code in order to be accepted.

Unauthorized Code Warning

For added security, a warning tone will sound for fifteen seconds if an incorrect security code is entered three times consecutively. The touch pad will not operate for a full minute after the tone. If several attempts were needed to set the security codes, the warning sounds might have been activated. Wait one minute for the unit to be operational again.The Weiser Powerbolt offers a number of benefits to the end user. Obviously, the main benefits is the Keyless entry ability, which should prove to be extremely beneficial to families with children who are always losing keys. That fact coupled with the general convenience of the unit makes it attractive to all.

There is no doubt that electronic keyless is the way of the future.As such units prove to be more dependable and affordable, we will soon find that all of us will be using this technology. I don’t know of a single person who wouldn’t love to kiss their keys good-by. That time may be closer than you think.