KABA ILCO UNICAN SIMPLEX 1000 Combination Changing

Harold Fink, Locksmith, CRL CPS
Sun, Jan 31, 2010

Changing The Combination for Kaba Ilco Unican Simplex series 1000 or 2000 push button locks.

The factory set combination for the Kaba Ilco Unican Simplex series 1000 or 2000 push button locks is to press buttons 2 and 4 together, then press button 3. This is widely known and is the reason why you need to immediately change the out of box combination for the Kaba Ilco Unican Simplex series 1000 and 2000 push button locks. It would be far too easy for anyone to try this combination sequence if they were to see one of these locks on a door and attempt to gain entry to that area. As you are likely to change combinations in the future, it is also important never to change the combination back to the original Kaba Ilco Unican Simplex series 1000 or 2000 push button lock combination sequence.


The door must be open.

On models with the passage feature, make sure the passage feature is disengaged: turn knob or key should be in vertical position.

1. Insert the DF-59 control key into the combination change plug assembly and unscrew the cylinder by turning the key counterclockwise. Remove the combination change plug to gain access to the combination change sleeve.

2. Turn the outside lever once to the stop position then release. The latch should not retract.

3. Enter the existing combination. On new installations, use the factory-set combination: depress 2 and 4 simultaneously, (release), then 3 (release). You should feel a slight click as each button is depressed.

4. Insert the spanner wrench to engage in combination change sleeve. Gently turn the spanner wrench clockwise to the stop position (a slight click should be felt), then turn the spanner wrench counterclockwise to the stop position. Remove the spanner wrench.

5. Turn the outside lever once to the stop position then release. The latch should not retract.

6. Choose your new push button lock combination, write it down, then enter the new push button lock combination - depress buttons carefully (a slight click should be felt as each button is depressed).

Note:You can use one button or all five for a combination, but each button can be only used once. You can depress two or more buttons simultaneously as a step in a combination. This is a little known detail about these locks - the fact that you can depress two OR MORE buttons in one step of the combination is very helpful in making it more difficult for others to ever observe your combination entry exactly as you enter it. In this note, it is indicated that you could in fact press 2, 3, or even four buttons at the same time for one step of the combination if you see fit to set it that way. It would be somewhat difficult to enter more than three buttons as one step of the combination, but I wanted to note it here because this push button lock is designed to accept that type of combination sequence, if you want it. Don’t forget that you can press any of the other buttons after those buttons are pressed at the same time, but never press any button more than once, whether pressed together with other buttons or not. An example would be pressing 2 and 4 together, then 1, 3 and 5 all together after that. It is an acceptable combination that will work in the lock. If that combination were set and someone were to attempt entry by pressing 2 and 4 together, then pressing 1, 3 and 5 in succession, the lock would not open after setting the aforementioned combination for the push button lock. The buttons would have to pressed together, not in succession, as they were when the combination was set.

6. Turn the outside lever once, all the way, until it stops, hold in position and make sure the latch is retracted fully. Release the lever.

8. Turn the lever again to the stop position. At this point, the latch should not retract unless you enter the new combination.

9. Secure the combination change plug assembly by screwing it in clockwise with the DF-59 key- do not over tighten. Remove the key and store it in a secure area with the instructions and spanner wrench.