Exit Detector or Exit Button ?

Harold Fink, Locksmith, CRL CPS
Sun, Jan 31, 2010

Electronic Access Controls

Exit Detector or Exit Button ?

Exit Detector

The purpose of the¬†exit detector is to detect an individual’s legitimate exit through a supervised door. The detector must capture the individual’s hand movement towards the door handle or panic bar, and prior to the actual opening of the door, warn the system of a pending exit. When the door opens, the system is able to discriminate between a valid exit and a forced entry. Exit detectors can be used on both free exit and controlled exit doors. The exit detector provides automatic and hands free operation.

Exit Button

The exit button can be used to replace the exit detector on controlled exit doors. The user is forced to press the exit button to actually unlock the door. Exit buttons cannot be used on free exit doors because if a user opens the door without pressing the button, a door forced alarm will be generated by the system.