Detex ECL 600

Harold Fink, Locksmith, CRL CPS
Sun, Jan 31, 2010

Detex ECL 600 Exit Device

Detex Corporation has introduced the ECL 600, a surface mounted, fire rated, latch bolt and dead bolt locking device that deters unauthorized entrance while allowing emergency egress. The Detex 600 has an automatic re-latching mechanism enabling the door to relatch upon closing. This Warnock Hersey Listed Grade 2 Fire Exit Hardware meets or exceeds ANSI/ BHMA A 156.3 standard for Exit Devices.The ECL 600 is code compliant with NFPA 101 Life Safety Codes. With the addition of the ECL 200K Bar Guard, the Bratch will be compliant with California Title 19 and 24. In addition, the ECL 600 fire exit hardware meets the criteria of the Building Officials and Code Administration (BOCA) Standard (Southern Building Code Congress International), and the International Conference of Building Officials (ICBO).

The Detex ECL 600, also known as the Bratch, is a stand alone alarmed fire exit hardware device having a saw resistant 1” dead bolt and 13/16 “ throw automatic re-latching latch bolt. The ECL 600 will accept almost any five, six or seven pin tumbler rim cylinder, which is used to arm and disarm the exit control lock. When the dead bolt is extended, the Bratch is armed. Depressing the ECL 600 push plate sounds the alarm, retracts the dead bolt and the latch bolt, allowing the door to be opened. The ECL 600, 9 volt 100dB piezo alarm, will continue to sound and can only be disabled by extending the dead bolt using the control key. The latch bolt will automatically re-latch when the door is closed.

Non-emergency egress can be accomplished using the control key to retract the dead bolt, disarming the system. With the dead bolt retracted, the ECL 600 acts as an exit device. Depressing the exit bar retracts the latch bolt, allowing the door to be opened and re-latch when closed. The ECL 600 push plate and bar extends 24 1/8”, accommodating up to a four foot wide door. Captioned push plates are available in Chinese, Dutch, English, French, Canadian, German, Italian or Spanish. The ECL 600 is California compliant with the Bar Guard Kit  that provides a return within one-half inch of the door. The Bar Guard Kit can be installed on doors three foot wide and greater. For narrower door requirements, contact the Detex factory.

A future Detex introduction will be an outside key locking lever trim. The outside key lock can retract (disarm) or throw the dead bolt(arm). When the deadbolt is retracted, pulling on the outside lever retracts latch, allowing the door to open. The latch bolt will automatically re-latch upon the door’s closing.

The Detex Bratch is listed for single doors to 4’0” by 8’0” doors when used with listed mullion. Detex will be introducing the F90KR, a keyed, removable three-hour fire-rated mullion, for door pair applications up to 8’0” high. An example of an application of this type would be for fire doors leading to a service corridor in a mall, or any side or door application within retail space or whenever an occupancy separation is required.

The ECL Bratch is non-handed and mountable on either the left or right side of the door. The cover of the ECL 600 is a die cast aluminum alloy housing with the Detex Grey Vein 3 finish. The lock case is 10 3/8” high x 5 ¾” wide x 3 ¾” deep. The ECL 600 is powered by  a nine volt battery and provides a Dry Contact RIP Signal. It can be converted to AC operation with the optional BE-961 Battery Eliminator.

NOTE: The 9-volt batery should be replaced yearly or as required. Offering the customer a yearly contract to check operation of the Exit Control Lock and replace the battery is an excellent way to maintain contact with the customer, and to build repeat business. Detex supplies a maintenance log with the ECL 600. This log can be attached to the exit bar, providing a constant record of service.

The Detex Bratch is a fire rated, upgraded version of the Detex ECL 230. The Detex ECL 600 uses the same template pattern as the Detex ECL 230. This permits the ECL 600 to be installed onto fire rated openings replacing an existing Detex 230 without modification. According to the NFPA 80, the standard for Fire Doors and Fire Safety, this retro-fit is permitted without having to re-certify the opening according to the Exception under 1-3 General Limitations of the chapter 1.

The Exception states, “Job site preparation for surface-applied hardware, function holes for mortise locks, holes for labeled viewers, a maximum ¾” wood  and composite door undercutting and protection plates shall be permitted. Surface applied hardware is applied to the face of the door without removing material from the door, other than drilling round holes through the face of the door to accommodate the cylinders, spindles, similar operational elements, and through-bolts. The holes shall not be permitted to exceed  a diameter of 1” with the exception of cylinders”. There is a one year limited warranty from the date of purchaseof  a Detex ECL 600 Bratch.