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Harold Fink, Locksmith, CRL CPS
Sun, Jan 31, 2010

About SafeAndLock.com

SafeAndLock.com is an online locksmith resource which allows access to both a public forum and restricted forum. Anyone is welcome to contribute an article or submit contributions to an article in order to better serve the public need for relevant locksmith information. The moderators of SafeAndLock.com are licensed locksmiths with at least 10 years in the field experience dealing with various different makes and models of commercial locking hardware, residential locking hardware, automotive locks, safes, and loss prevention in general. In the upper left hand corner of our site you can see how many locksmiths are online and logged into the SafeAndLock.com domain at any given time. In that same area of our site you can see that there are usually many more locksmiths that are at work on the road, who will gladly respond to your questions when they login to the domain. Most of the time, there will be at least one or two moderators who are qualified to both answer reasonable questions and moderate a request to post an article.

Aricles published here on the SafeAndLock.com domain are not for sale, republishing, or copying of any kind. Through the use of copyright protection software, we are able to detect the copying of our content anywhere on the internet and are quite willing to prosecute any individual who attempts to copy and alter, post, or repost any content published here on the SafeAndLock.com domain. The content is here for the use of the public, both consumers and locksmiths alike, and is not to be used in part or in whole on any website, blog, or document for any purpose other than purposes expressly permitted in the article for which you find the content. An example of this would be our Access Control System Survey with a link in the article to a pdf. The pdf is there for anyone to download and print for your own use. However, the articles of the SafeAndLock.com domain are not to be copied or used elsewhere for any purpose. This knowledge base can be used in a court of law to prove that the content was created on such a date and, in conjunction with Google’s sophisticated algorithm, be used to prove that any content copied from this domain was in fact detected as a copy in Google’s index. Google is more than capable of detecting copyright infringement, and may apply a penalty to your site if you were to copy content from this site. Additionally, the moderators of this domain are prepared to take civil action against any person, party, company, whether in the United States or not, that attempts to copy our unique and valuable locksmith content.

Please be advised that due to the discretion involved in determining what should be restricted or public, that there will be times when a moderator or administrator will respond to your request by asking that only a specific portion of your article be made searchable and publicly available. The portion of an article, or an entire article that is determined should be restricted will be made available only in the Locksmith Restricted portion of the website. Generally speaking, it is our experience that many people do not have the skills or aptitude to carry out specific tasks required of locksmiths, so what is publicly available may be much more than what you would expect from sites other than SafeAndLock.com. Therefore, do not be surprised to see that often times an entire article is published that in the past would have been restricted entirely.

By using the SafeAndLock.com information resource, you are agreeing to hold harmless SafeAndLock.com, its administrators, moderators, and contributors of any wrongdoing should the information found here be used in any way other than for legitimate bypass and repair purposes of property that you are the rightful owner of. Very often, a question put to the moderators of SafeAndLock.com will be handled in such a way as to determine exactly who the individual is that is requesting the information and satisfying our desire to only disclose sensitive information to those who are attempting bypass or repair of locking hardware that protects property that they themselves own. If SafeAndLock.com were to make errors on the side of caution with regard to a request of your own, please understand that our decisions must be made to protect the public as a whole and should not be mistaken as a biased refusal of your request.

The SafeAndLock.com dealer program has the added benefit of providing immediate, valuable leads to customers in need of locksmith service and/or parts. As a dealer, you are expected to abide by the SafeAndLock.com terms of use and to make every effort to work diligently on the behalf of a public user to solve his or her problem online before sending or receiving any request for locksmith or safe tech services. Dealers are automatically given restricted area access and one listing to their appropriate locksmith service once their article contribution level is deemed adequate to support dealer membership status. Any licensed locksmith professional providing sufficient application information and passing of our application process can pay our very reasonable annual subscription fee of $29 and have full access to the restricted area of our site.

The use of SafeAndLock.com is free to the public and should not be misinterpreted as only a means of Dealers to gain qualified leads for locksmith services. It is our experience in this trade that one ounce of free advice will often lead to one pound of work that a consumer needs done. The most valuable customers are often loyal to the locksmith that uses good judgement with regard to helping a customer over the phone, and this forum is very much just like that. It is the express intent of the moderators and administrator of this domain that every effort be made to provide relevant, useful information to the public in a timely manner. Safe and lock problems that a public user of this domain may have would often lead to hiring of a locksmith if no locksmith information resource were available. Therefore, when help above and beyond the scope of our knowledge base is required, do the administrator and moderators of this domain the service of choosing a SafeAndLock.com Dealer to help us offset the cost of providing this resource to you at no charge.

Thank you for using this resource, if you didn’t find what you needed here, email us and help us improve the site.